Give and Save is more than a deal site.

It is a charity fundraising platform.

How can your charity benefit?

  1. Buy deals at amazing prices and choose your favorite charity to receive your support. We donate on your behalf 2%-20% of every purchase to the charity of your choice. It’s that easy!
  2. You can also donate directly to your charity by selecting the DONATE NOW button on your charity’s microsite.
  3. Nominate your charity. Don’t see your charity on the site, let us know so we can reach out to your favorite charity and tell them that you want them on
  4. Our mission is to fund charities throughout the United States. We are taking our marketing dollars and rewarding loyal charity advocates for helping us spread the word. Join Charity Force and spread the word about your favorite charity, our great merchant partners and how you’re making a difference with Give and Save, Inc. Participants will receive prizes and discounts while their charity will be rewarded with donations for achieving different point levels.

Grow Your Business! Help Fund Local Non-Profits

Give and Save was founded upon the partnership of businesses and charities working together. Give and Save provides the ability to grow your business and fund your nonprofit. Charities helping businesses, businesses helping nonprofits.

Businesses need customers. Advertising is expensive without any guarantees. When you choose to work with Give and Save your business will be opened up to network of thousands of new customers. Giving you the opportunity to shine and earn loyal long term customers. Our deals cost you nothing upfront.

Give and Save is the conduit for businesses and nonprofits to work together. Charities are motivated and excited to participate in a funding method that gives members and non-member the ability to GIVE and fund their cause. With every purchase made funding is provided to a nonprofit of the buyer’s choice.

For nonprofits It is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Sign up to be an approved charity
  2. Get the word out-communicate to your members to purchase deals
  3. Watch your funding grow

Every deal Gives Back.

Every deal is a WIN-WIN-WIN

Consumers WIN with great deals
Charities WIN with donations
Merchants WIN with sales traffic

Are you ready to fund your nonprofit or grow your business with Give and Save?